Leach Bradbury Chartered Professional Accountants offers an integrated and comprehensive suite of financial and tax management services to small- and medium-sized businesses and professional practices in the Ottawa and Pembroke areas. Our offering includes accounting, tax planning, bookkeeping services for:

  • owners of “brick and mortar” businesses like hotels, restaurants, car repair shops, and more
  • high tech companies, from start-up to international software, hardware and service providers
  • service-based professionals — such as doctors, dentists, lawyers and others who sell their services

We also provide accountants and small accounting firms with outsourced bookkeeping, tax preparation and compilation and engagement tasks.

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We provide start-ups and small-to-medium-sized firms with the guidance, advice and financial management support required to help them grow and develop a sustainable business and commercial success. This includes:

Educated perspective and intelligence on specific industries, markets and the economy more broadly.

Guidance on start-up and business plan development (including the establishment of short, medium and long term goals; market research and the identification of key opportunities; mitigation of business and financial risks); business incorporation customer development strategy; strategic and operational management; and investment strategies.

Financial management advice, strategy and small business tools for accounting.

Merger and acquisition strategy and facilitation; this includes conducting feasibility studies, due diligence, budgeting and forecasting.

Assessment of small business challenges and barriers to growth and recommended solutions that promote growth and success.


Cash is the lifeblood of your business. But cash sitting idle in your bank is inefficient and unprofitable. Make your cash work harder with cash management services from Leach Bradbury. Our experienced and dedicated cash management specialists can devise the best solutions for maximizing the value of your cash assets. With an understanding of your organization’s cash supply needs, your risk tolerance, and your business and personal goals, we recommend an investment strategy that will start earning profits for your company. Whatever the investment option, our goal is to maximize your investment returns without sacrificing liquidity.


Today, more than ever, investors, stakeholders, and management need reliable and independently reviewed financial information. Without a clear picture of your company’s financial health, it is difficult to make decisions about the future of your business. Our assurance professionals—led by licensed public accountants—offer well-conducted audits and review engagements based on applicable standards to establish stakeholder confidence and keep your business competitive.

Audit: We approach your audit with extensive knowledge of your organization, operations, and industry sector. We also bring you an in-depth understanding of evolving auditing practices and standards. As a result, we are able to create a tailored audit plan that allows us to execute a robust assessment of your financial information.

Review: A review engagement provides assurance that the financial statements are plausible. This type of engagement consists primarily of inquiry, analytical procedures, and discussions. A review is useful when your company does not require audited financial statements but management or third parties want some assurance that the financial statements are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


Estate planning is an essential element of financial management that brings peace of mind to you and your family. With a focus on the needs of you and your family, we bring a rigorous and personalized approach to this important estate planning and decision-making process. We work with you and your family to maximize the value of your estate, while minimizing uncertainties, administrative burdens and tax implications for those you entrust to manage it. We can help you to understand the opportunities and risks associated with estate planning, and develop a strategy that achieves your desired outcome.


Our bookkeeping services will help you to organize your financial records so you can:

Stop struggling to meet Canada Revenue Agency deadlines for HST, payroll and corporate and other taxes

And never worry about financial penalties again

Without a bookkeeping system that accurately tracks all the transactions that make up your business, you are running your business blind. You risk the CRA targeting your business for a painful and time-consuming audit. Worse, you could get an unwanted notice from the CRA fining you for failing to remit HST on time. It’s also possible you could lose track of when payments are due to critical suppliers, and put your reputation and relationship on the line. You may even find yourself without the cash flow to pay loyal employees.

Give your business the best chance of becoming more profitable

A professional and detailed bookkeeping system is the foundation on which your business will succeed or fail. Organized and accurate financial records will help create order and put you in the driver’s seat, where you belong. A professional bookkeeping system updated on a consistent basis will:

  • provide you with up-to-date financial reports you can analyze
  • tell you where your cash flow is, and where it’s going
  • take away the stress of worrying about profitability, debt and sales
  • enable you to hold customers, vendors and employees accountable
  • help you scale your business for growth
  • get your business ready for investors
  • help you avoid costly penalties for non-compliance with CRA rules and timelines

Stay on the CRA’s good side while keeping your business in the “black”

A proper bookkeeping system created by accountants will do more than just keep you out of trouble with the CRA. It will give you the answers you need to understand your business and make informed business decisions to increase your business’ profits. We do this by providing the following services:

  • Set up your new business accounting system
  • Balance and maintain your general ledgers
  • Manage your accounts payable
  • Process your payroll
  • Complete monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Prepare accurate year-end financial information for your accountant
  • Calculate and pay government remittances
  • Provide tailored financial statements and management reports that help you manage your business.

During our initial meeting with you, we identify key management reports you need to run your business effectively, such as:

  • Profit and Loss (Income statement)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Previous Month Comparison
  • Previous Year Comparison
  • Transaction Detail for all Expense Accounts
  • Benchmarking Report
  • Custom Reports


Outsourcing for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Outsourced Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation and Compilation and Engagement Services for Accounting Firms

Finally, give yourself more time to grow your firm’s profits this year… Outsource select low-profit services and bookkeeping tasks to certified professional accountants.

The real “secret” to business growth is pretty simple: Create more clients. Then encourage those clients to buy higher value services more often.

For you as an accountant, this usually means two things:

  1. Offering existing clients a list of services that go beyond basic tax returns and financial reporting. … Solve their problems—such as tax planning, estate planning or wealth management problems.
  2. Providing forward-looking advice and proactive planning expertise to prospects to increase your advisory income… Income that is not seasonal and is less prone to pressure to reduce fees.

But the chances of expanding your services and growing your profits are pretty slim if you’re spending countless hours trying to do everything yourself.

The fact is, if you’re working on a lot of jobs you really should be delegating, you can stall the growth of your business—no matter how hard you work.

And counting on your employees to do the lower value work puts you at the mercy of staff turnover. While you focus on the most profitable activities, staff complain about doing the “boring” grunt work. And, as you know, employees who are unhappy quit. If you’ve ever been left high and dry by the sudden departure of an employee, you know it can make you downright miserable.

Now, instead of working on other priorities, like attracting affluent A-list clients, you’re scrambling to distribute the workload and rearrange schedules. And you’re pouring more money and precious time into hiring and training new staff.

The good news is, there is a better way to grow your business.

It’s Called Becoming the “Accountant CEO”

The Accountant CEO understands that spending time on mundane tasks actually works against him reaching his goals.

Instead of getting bogged down in details other people could handle quite well, this accountant is focused on investing the company’s time, talent, and money on the activities that yield the greatest profit.


Because the Accountant CEO knows that you can’t run a highly profitable and growing business doing $12 per hour jobs.

He (or she) understands that the best and most profitable use of his time requires him to stay far away from any activity that does not leverage his unique gifts.

That’s why he becomes very good at delegating.

Let us help you spend more time in providing high-value services to your clients …. and slash your payroll costs by up to 40%

Small accounting firms have long seen outsourcing as a strategy reserved for big business, but technology has made it more accessible for them too.

By outsourcing lower value services like tax returns and financial statements, you have more time to focus on delivering higher value services that generate more income.

Outsourcing can increase your profitability even further because it slashes the cost of paying staff salaries by anywhere from 20% to 40%. It also reduces the burden of overhead costs such as payroll taxes, office rent and utilities.

What we’ll do for you:

If you’re an accountant or small accounting firm in Canada, we’ll seamlessly manage your basic compilation and engagement tasks and any bookkeeping job (large or small). Your clients will have no idea that these services are not being provided by a member of your staff. That way you can spend more face-to-face time with your best clients. You can also start building the proactive business advisory and tax planning services your A-list client are looking for.

What accounting and bookkeeping tasks you can outsource:

We work with companies across Canada to provide these cost-effective and timely services:

  • Compilation (Notice to Reader) engagements
  • Review engagements
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Bookkeeping write-ups
  • General ledger maintenance
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Payroll

Here’s what else you need to know about outsourcing with us:

Highly secure and encrypted cloud account — This exclusive cloud platform will be used to provide 24/7 access and communication between us.

We can work with a number of accounting software packages — Including CaseWare, Taxprep, jazzit, QuickBooks, and Sage

Ironclad protection from competition from us — We sign strict non-solicitation and restrictive covenants to protect you from any competition.

Low-cost, affordable services — Prices start at $12/hr for bookkeeping services and $40 to $50 per hour for review engagements. Notice to Reader financial statements and T2 corporate tax returns are a flat $350 to $400 for each client.

Guaranteed turnaround time — With three offices in Ontario to serve you, we can guarantee turnaround time for each task.

For a free quote, call us now at 1-800-368-0747 or email us at



According to Industry Canada, only 51 percent of small and medium-sized companies in Canada survive for five years. Efficient tax planning is a key differentiator for those firms that surpass this milestone, maintain a growth trajectory and grow a sustainable business.

While many accountants simply prepare tax returns, at Leach Bradbury, we develop customized tax planning strategies that provide a long-term road map for your business and personal financial management. This systematic approach outlines step-by-step actions required to proactively manage tax preparation throughout the year – not just at the time of filing. This ensures that personal and professional tax information is always at your fingertips, bringing you greater peace of mind and keeping more money in your pocket.

Our tax advisory and services include: the preparation of personal and corporate tax returns, trust returns and non-profit and charity returns; SRED tax strategies and claims; public sector funding and investment applications with federal agencies such as the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP); tax audits; trust exams; notices of re-assessments and objections; and tax appeals.

If you’re a corporation, we can also provide insight into the tax implications of your business strategies, helping you plan and prepare tax solutions that minimize your tax liabilities.


At Leach Bradbury, we have established a strong track record and decades of experience in chartered accounting and financial management. With some of the most seasoned veterans in the business, we work with you to develop a plan that identifies all accounting requirements for your business and ensure they are managed with quality, precision and integrity. With a focus on the needs of entrepreneurs, small-to-medium-sized firms and established companies, our suite of accounting services includes:

  • Taxation planning and tax preparation;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Risk mitigation strategies;
  • Internal control assessments;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Sales tax compliance; and
  • Financial statement compilations.

With an in-depth understanding of high growth start-ups, small-and-medium-sized firms, we provide the information and tools required help you establish the right succession plan and put it into action. Effective succession planning enables you to protect the value of your hard-earned business investment, and develop the right exit strategy for you as a business owner. Proper succession planning requires systematic assessment and due diligence of various exit options, and the development of a strategy that meets your needs, as well as the needs of your family and your business. Whether you aim to keep the business in the family, groom the right internal leadership, or reap the financial rewards and move on, succession is a process that demands careful thought, planning and time. Drawing on our business and financial management experts, Leach Bradbury is here to help you identify and develop the right succession plan for you.


Whether you are an entrepreneur who aims to sell your business or a small-to-medium-sized firm that is pursuing a merger, we can work with you to design and execute the right strategy to maximize your investment – and your wealth. At Leach Bradbury, we understand that wealth is not simply created through the launch and growth of a company. In fact, research shows that 80 percent of individuals with a high net worth of more than $5 million are entrepreneurs who sold their businesses. Many of these business leaders share an important (but little known) key to success: proactive strategy planning that begins the moment a company is established. This enables a business owner to establish exit goals and strategies (which are highly differentiated from growth strategies); chart a well-defined path for accelerated development and growth; and exit for the maximum economic value within a defined period. We recognize that short and long-term business success not mutually exclusive. With a well-defined exit plan, you can maximize short term revenues and profits, while preparing your company for a multi-million dollar exit. We can develop the right exit strategy that helps you find the right acquirer – one who will pay a premium because they believe they can build on your hard work, and generate even greater value in future.


If you own a dental practice, we specialize in bookkeeping for dentists

Our sister firm, Accountable Solutions, has more than 15 years of experience working with dental practices. They understand the unique ownership and investment structures common in Ontario dental practices. They will help you understand the complexities of operating your practice such as:

  • What percentage of my production should be spent on supplies and sundries? They can tell you what you should be spending on supplies and sundries both as a percentage of your revenue and how it compares to similar practices in Ontario.
  • What percentage of my production should be spent on associate fees, salaries and benefits? Although salaries vary based on roles, experience, and even geographical location of the practice, they can help you understand salary norms and how they relate to your monthly revenues in your market.
  • What are my loans and leases costing me? Loans and leases—both short- and long-term—have a huge impact on your net income figures. They can review and manage your debts so that they become advantages, not burdens, to your practice.
  • What is my banking overdraft and why is it where it is? They’ll help you handle your cash-flow and deal with your bank to ensure you’re never caught short!
  • Where is my money going? When it comes to running a dental practice, keeping track of the comings-and-goings of your money is critical. They’ll help you understand and control it.