How We Work

We Make It Our Business to Reduce Your Tax Burden and Maximize Your Profits…

Not just ensure you comply with tax and reporting requirements

We help our clients understand and meet their tax and reporting responsibilities. But, what is more important, we dedicate our resources to maximizing the benefits available to you under the tax code to give you tax savings. There’s little advantage to having an audit-proof tax return if you are overpaying your taxes. No one should pay more taxes than they legally have to (even though it happens all the time).

Our Approach Ensures We Identify the Problem and Find a Solution

Whatever service you are looking for, we approach every undertaking in the same way:

  1. An initial fact-finding meeting to understand you, your business and how it operates. We ask questions and dig deep to get to the root of your tax planning and financial management needs. This is where we often uncover the causes of potential or actual problems you are either are not able to see or have not fully realized.
  2. You’ll immediately get solutions that will help you run your business efficiently and profitably. We know the most common trouble spots that trip up businesses and how to fix them. We focus on applying those lessons to your situation to move your business to a new level of achievement.
  3. Together, we’ll develop a schedule for carrying out our work and delivering key financial or management reports to you. (You send us information and we return it by courier, priority post, or Dropbox to ensure timely delivery of your confidential information.)
  4. We’ll discuss the scope (and fee) of the services that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s cost-effective bookkeeping or payroll support, audited financial statements or advice on how to structure your business to achieve maximum tax savings, our clients appreciate our focus on saving taxes so that they can keep more of their own hard-earned money.

Our Working Philosophy Is Based on a Simple Principle:

It’s your money, you should keep as much of it as you legally can

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. All wealth must be earned. As a business owner, you’ve worked hard and taken personal responsibility for your financial future. You deserve to reap the rewards that come with the risk of putting your neck on the line day in and day out. It’s not your civic duty to share your money with the poor, or the government’s responsibility to make sure you do. You owe it to yourself and your family to reduce your taxes and keep as much of it as you can. That’s where we come in.

Unlike most accountants,  we develop customized tax planning strategies that ensure you get substantial tax savings. These strategies provide a long-term road map for your business and personal financial management. You get step-by-step actions to proactively manage tax preparation throughout the year – not just at the time of filing. This brings you greater peace of mind and keeps more money in your pocket.

Where to Next?

Now you have an idea of what it would like to work with an accounting firm focused on compliance and tax savings. You can learn more about what Leach Bradbury can do for you by going to our Services.