Leach Bradbury was founded on the leadership of chartered accountants Douglas Leach and Neil Bradbury.

Since then, the company has grown under the guidance of  Tim Chang, our Senior Tax Planner, to focus on tax strategies that provide life-time tax savings. With offices in Ottawa and Pembroke, Leach Bradbury is made up of a team of more than 20 chartered accountants, chartered professional accountants and tax planners. Together, they have 250 years of financial and tax management experience.

Tim Chang, CPA

Tim Chang is Leach Bradbury’s Senior Tax Planner. He is also the managing partner and senior tax planner at Accountable Solutions Chartered Professional Accountants and Planners, which is located in Newmarket, Ontario. Tim has more than 30 years of experience helping businesses and professionals legally minimize their tax burden and maximize their corporate and personal wealth. The former owner of Accountants and Financial Planners Group (A&FP Group) in Ottawa, Tim dedicates his expertise to teaching his clients the tax implications of personal and business financial decisions. He is the author of two books that provide insight into the personal and institutional barriers to achieving greater wealth: The Greatest Enemy Is You and Wake-Up Call: Economic, Political, Social, and Psychological Factors That Can Erode Your Wealth.