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Tax Planning for Business Owners and Independent Professionals

Are you fed up with big governments squandering your hard-earned money?

We hear complaints about how governments at every level waste their money from business owners just like you.

If you’re the owner of a small- or medium-sized business with 5 to 300 employees — or an independent professional such as a doctor, dentist, or lawyer — the chances are good that you’re overpaying your taxes. Hardly a week goes by where we don’t hear at least one of the following complaints from business owners who are frustrated with the amount of money that the government and its tax authorities are taking from their pocket.

Are these some of the issues that trouble you?

  • You’re disappointed by the amount of taxes you pay. You expected your accountant to take advantage of all the tax strategies and loopholes they can use to lower your tax burden. (You will be shocked to learn this is not the case!)
  • You’re overwhelmed by impossibly complicated and confusing tax and financial matters, and yet you know how critical they are to long-term success. You worry you’re not adequately informed on making business decisions in the most tax-efficient way.
  • You’re constantly frustrated because your wealth and success make you a target of liberal politicians and the media. You worry the government will ‘steal’ from the estate you’ve worked and saved to pass onto your family.
  • You’re unsure about how inflation, taxes, retirement planning and all your possible options fit together so you can make fully informed decisions for yourself about your hard-earned money.
  • You’re fed up with our broken health care system and the three, six, even nine month-long wait times for treatment for the crippling and deadly diseases you fear the most — even though you’ve been supporting the system with your tax money all your working life. You’re concerned about what will happen to you as old age slowly starts to rob you of your health and you get bumped from the queue for someone who has never paid anywhere near the level of taxes you have.
  • You want the confidence of knowing you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of options in retirement few others have…like taking the cruises or trips you want without worrying about the cost, enjoying your hobbies, and living with dignity, with the best health care money can buy.

We Specialize in the Two Things That Matter Most:

Effective and legal tax strategies that will substantially reduce your income taxes — and tested and proven financial options that will give you confidence in your future

Leach Bradbury’s tax experts work almost exclusively with the:

  • owners of brick-and-mortar businesses, like restaurants, car repair shops, or heating and plumbing outfits
  • high tech companies, from start-up to international software, hardware and service providers
  • service-based professionals — successful doctors, dentists, lawyers, consultants, and others who sell their services

They have spent a lifetime of hard work to get where they are. No one gave them anything. They are successful and have accumulated valuable assets — cash, stocks and bonds, homes, a business — and they need simple advice on how to take advantage of the best tax strategies and tax-saving opportunities and on how to accumulate, preserve and pass along their wealth.

Our Clients Are Already Successful Business Owners and Professionals ….

Ready to take advantage of our tax saving strategies

  • Our clients are ready to try an accountant who will be proactive in helping them create big tax savings. They may even have an accountant whose focus is on ensuring they don’t underpay their taxes. Now they’re eager to let a tax planning accountant arrange their financial affairs in the most tax-efficient way possible.
  • They earn high incomes and have accumulated valuable assets — cash, bonds, homes, a business. They want to protect their life’s financial work from the Canada Revenue Agency’s dreaded “death tax.”
  • They’re over 40 and ready to start planning for their retirement. They want a financial adviser who will make their money work much harder on their behalf.
  • They want help in preventing the government from taking and wasting their money … and their children or grandchildren’s inheritance.
  • After years of paying more than their share of taxes, they’re ready to accept that reducing taxes is not only smart, it’s also morally and ethically right.

Make the Crucial Tax Planning Decisions and Improve Your Retirement Funding

You need a way receive maximum benefits for your company, your family, yourself. You’re ready to learn about all the opportunities the tax law allows and how to take advantage of them — using the advice of the tax planners at Leach Bradbury.

We give you the tax planning strategies and financial advice you’ve been looking for

Our team of accounting professionals and tax experts can handle both your business and personal financial matters. We possess the business and tax knowledge of the accountant and the planning skills of a financial adviser.

Instead of relying on a traditional accountant, who only looks at your business’s balance sheet, we look at look at the big picture of your estate, financial, and business planning needs. We actively prepare for your future in the most tax-efficient and proactive way possible, making it easier for you and your family to reach your goals and maximize the legacy you leave for the next several generations.

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